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Last Train From Holyhead

Last Train From Holyhead

Out of Time Theatre Company presents
“Last Train From Holyhead”
by Bernard Field

Starring Dave Duffy (RTE Ireland’s “Fair City”), Stephen Gorman (“Leap Year”) and Deirdre Jones (“BBC’s Ripper Street”)

Produced by Deirdre Jones

Directed by Bernard Field

“Do you play poker?”

“Not this twenty year. But sure why not? We have to do something to beguile this Godforsaken night.”

In Last Train From Holyhead, two men discover more than they bargained for as they while away the night on a train to nowhere. With the help of drink, poker and a beguiling Gypsy, they encounter the void within through the lives of each other.

Drink, cards and prophecy, not to mention comedy and tragedy, pervade this intriguing piece of theatre which examines identity and how seeds sown in the past have a habit of sprouting, whether we like it or not.

About Out of Time Theatre 
Out of Time Theatre Company is a new theatre company founded in early 2011 by actor and producer Deirdre Jones, with the purpose of showcasing new acting and writing talent, and performing lesser-known works from long-established playwrights.  This is Out of Time’s second production.

"A fantastic show with some powerful performances" -

"This intimate little show has a lot of great moments – what it lacks in scale, it makes up for in emotion. It touches on themes that are by now well-worn in Irish theatre, but it handles them with an insight and pace that is thoroughly enjoyable." -

"Every element of the production, from (the) simple minimalist set and costume design to (the) low key and precise lighting, conveys a sense of realism and intimacy...(a) simple but earthy piece of theatre that delivers to resonate as a story you will remember and are sad to have heard as you step off the train." Breda Shannon, Irish Theatre Magazine

Audience Feedback:
“An engrossing drama where characters bring
us on a universal journey, revealing their past lives. A play which resonates
long after reaching its final destination.”

Brian Clegg, Dublin

 “A very moving, engaging and thought
provoking piece, with intriguing twists in the tale that kept my attention
right through.”

Siobhan O’Malley, Carrick-on-Shannon

 “Having seen the play twice during the run
what I really want to do is to see it again.  I watched from the edge of
the seat while it dawned on me the thing was so pared down that nothing – not
even the wonderful humour that’s shot through it - was going to cushion me
against some really agonising moments of recognition.  The pivotal
acknowledgment of pain, between Acts 1 and 2, was just electrifying”

Liz Newbery, London

“ Just a great piece of theatre. And the
acting was incredible” 

Joe and Sally Mongan, Pennsylvania

Please note there is no show on Monday 2 September and shows on Sundays start at 8.30pm


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