Etcetera Theatre

For the Trumpets Shall Sound

For the Trumpets Shall Sound

Another Story Theatre Company presents…


For the Trumpets Shall Sound


The new play from writer Gaelle Stark-Ordish


Jamie is home for the holidays helping his mother Ruth with the running of her vintage shop. They are in the back room, unpacking a large number of boxes, when Jamie makes an intriguing discovery…a photograph album containing pictures of his grandfather James, his grandmother Nora, and a mysterious soldier named only as ‘I’. There is also a diary and correspondence between James and his future wife, Nora, written during the Great War in France. Ruth is naturally shocked by this strange turn of events and, encouraged by Jamie, she begins to read the diary.


She is immediately transported back to the front line in 1916, to the harsh reality of life in war, and the complicated nature of relationships forged under fire, where all is certainly far from fair…


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