Etcetera Theatre

3 in 1

3 in 1

"3 in 1’ comprises of exactly that; three plays in one evening. EVE Theatre
Company present an evening of new writing by Graham Follett at the Etcetera
Theatre for one night only. Showcasing new talent and new writing with
three exciting new plays."

Pond Life

Frank thinks he might like a garden pond, and replies to a small ad in the hope of getting a cheap liner and pump. Bulmer, the unwitting vendor, trudges up Frank’s ‘posh-faced’ hill convinced he has a sale, but it may be Frank’s wife Nora that he has to convince.


Delayed Exit

Flora and Benjamin Bone have opposing views about how long their daughter Regine should remain part of the household. But with Benjamin almost permanently welded to his favourite armchair, and Flora seemingly addicted to snacking in the toilet, they rarely take time to talk. Any form of communication between Regine and her father seems similarly difficult, but if they do agree on anything it’s the quality of Flora’s cooking.


 Dinner Date

 Jane has a date, but Amanda is not convinced she should go, as her friend seems somewhat vague about where she is going, who else will be there, and even her date’s name. She demands to know the address of the dinner party so ‘I know where to send the police when you don’t turn up for work on Monday.’ Jane insists on going, and finds that not everyone at the party is pleased she has, especially Karen with the little viper.


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