Etcetera Theatre

Light and Shade

Light and Shade

Directed By Sheila Mander

Light & Shade is made up of two contrasting one woman shows. The first is a light hearted musical with the satirical view of a deluded air hostess. The second is a gritty drama which examines the intimate thoughts of three very different individuals.

The Jolly Folly of Polly, The Scottish Trolley Dolly 

Written By Lesley Ross

Performed By Emmy Willow 

Join this lonely daydreamer as she comically leads you with song through her life as an air hostess. She knows exactly what she wants from life. But then you don’t always get what you want, do you? 

This Is Who I Am!

Written and Performed By Isis Davis

Who am I? I show people what I want them to see. I wear masks to hide my true self! I keep my deepest darkest thoughts locked away, but what happens when my true feelings are revealed on camera? This Is Who I Am!  

“From the start, Isis Davis, the creator and performer of this piece, was a revelation as she brilliantly inhabited all of her three characters.”  **** Broadway Baby 2012 Edinburgh Fringe


Please note that this piece is not suitable for under 16’s


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