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Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it is a celebration of Anton Chekhov geniality and good humour. These two short plays are fast and contemporary. The characters are tragic nonetheless funny.

On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

When Nyukhin finds himself in front of an audience, he starts to unravel a tragic as well as comic account of his relationship with his wife and daughters.

“I myself smoke but my wife sent me here today to lecture you on the Harmful Effects of Tobacco”.

The Bear

The Bear condenses so much of human nature. The play is short, comical and ultimately a triumphant act. Chekhov demonstrates how close the relationship between anger and passion is and how strange and wonderful is the human condition.

About the Company

Latissimus is an International Theatre Company based in South-west London which aims to deliver British and International Theatre to the highest professional standards. 

as part of the Etcetera Theatre’s PNPA festival (pay nothing play anything) new for 2013



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