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Vivian and Sylvia Live

Vivian and Sylvia Live

Dear Sir or Madame, 

Vivian & Sylvia kindly welcome you to their dark comedy of a radio play - live and in front of your very faces ....thank you... During the course of the show you will be catapulted into Vivian & Sylvia’s world. T wo  elderly  spinsters,  Inhabiting a cottage in the country -  their only company being each other, Sylvia’s pet owl and a gentleman  visitor  known simply as Boy. Life plods along as usual for the ladies - Vivian running her Theatrical Talent Agency and Sylvia caring for her owl, however, a shock revelation leads to unravelling a mystery the sisters believed to be long buried . So turn off the telly box and pour yourselves a large gin. They’re live, they’re plugged in and they’re slightly unhinged. 

Yours sincerely, Vivian & Sylvia 


As part of The Etcetera Theatre’s PNPA fest(Pay Nothing Play Anything) new for 2013

Please note the sunday show starts at 8.30pm


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