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Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013

Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013

Your dad’s on the dole. Your dog’s on the dole. You’re probably on the
dole, aren’t you? Or worse, maybe you have a job…

Sh!t Theatre’s *JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013* is unique and humorous
exploration of the (un)employment situation in the UK today. Expect song,
satire and a sharing of stories from Sh!t Theatre on the dole.

Using physical theatre, personal stories, humour and current affairs, Sh!t
Theatre bring the latest version of their ’JSA’ to the Etcetera Theatre
with support from the Arts Council of England, Escalator East Live Art, the
Basement Brighton and Press Play House.

’beautifully harmonised and, even better, mercilessly witty’
- The Scotsman, Edinburgh 2010 (Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre)

’my comedic highlight of the Fringe’
-, Edinburgh 2011 (Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t)

‘Wonderfully politically incorrect and insightful…a cracking showcase for
Mothersole and Biscuit’s weighty talents‘
-, PULSE Fringe 2012 (Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre’s

Sh!t Theatre are: Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit. With backgrounds
in performance art, music and long-form improv, they have been writing,
performing and signing on together since May 2010. They explore the
political, the personal and the downright perverse. They are supported by
Escalator East and the Arts Council for England.

Sh!t Theatre have written and performed nationally and internationally for
events/organisations such as: Duckie at the Barbican, UK Uncut, SHUNT,
Resonance 104.4 FM and NYC’s HOT! Festival, where they presented their show
*Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre’s (genuine) Performance Democracy*,
which featured live art legend Lois Weaver (Split Britches).

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As part of The Etcetera Theatre’s PNPA festival (Pay Nothing Play Anything) new for 2013


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