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Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

As a Ghostbusters fan in 1984, Paul Gannon wanted to grow up to be a Ghost Hunter. But that never happened. Instead, he became a comic. But after spending the last 2 years exploring the supernatural, Paul has finally put together a solo show based on his experiences – that pit him against the very much alive as it does the dead. “Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” is a comedy stand up show that asks ‘Are there really ghosts?’ and then tells you “I don’t know” 50 minutes later...

Paul Gannon is a writer/stand up/comedy producer who has written and performed for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 as well as run the well loved ’Geek Night Out’ live comedy show in London.

"Highly Likely to make you laugh... Deft characterisation" - Three Weeks

"Rapid fire delivery and side-splitting one liners" - Arts In Leicester

As part of the Pay Nothing, Play Anything Festival 2013


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