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Total Hero Team

Total Hero Team

MJ Hibbett (and Steve) - the people who brought you ’Dinosaur Planet’ and ’Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter’ - are proud to present a work in progress version of their new two-man rock opera, ’Total Hero Team’. It features superheroes, robots, sing-a-longs, a way to justify enormous wealth, ukuleles, Boris Johnson, the importance of pubs, and Fufu The Future Kitten.

To celebrate this first ever performance of the show, all audience members will received a free copy of "Dinosaur Planet", the concept album based on their 2011 show.

’Anyone who likes MJ Hibbett will have a much nicer life’ – Robin Ince
’Amazing! Like two drunken dads picking up a guitar at a party!’ – Radio One
’MJ Hibbett – Top Of The Pops!’ – Eddie Argos


As part of the ’Play Nothing Play Aything Festival 2013’


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