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The Exotic Adventure of Michael the Christmas Pudding

The Exotic Adventure of Michael the Christmas Pudding

The Exotic Adventure of Michael The Christmas Pudding 

A mighty exciting comedy storytelling romp from the creator of ’Bouncy Castle Hamlet’

“But I can’t save Christmas from an evil King! I don’t have feet! And I’m largely made of suet!’

Told in lovely Christmassy firesideish storytelling fashion and a truly beautiful dressing gown by Will Seaward, ’The Exotic Adventure of Michael The Christmas Pudding’ is the epic, epic saga of one brave Christmas Pudding and his exciting quest to rescue Christmas from the grasp of dastardly King Boleslaus the Cruel! (look him up on Wikipedia!)

Featuring an almost dangerous amount of warm crackly festive loveliness, at least four Satsumas, a remote-controlled Christmas Pudding, and the actual Christmas Spirit used by Father Christmas himself, this shall be without a scrap of doubt the most dangerously exciting thing to happen to this December, and probably to any December ever! Ever! Ever! 

Described by critics as “a tweed clad madman”, “a cross between Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and the BFG” and "a monster of a man", Will is the creator of smash-hit Bouncy Castle Hamlet (“triumphant success” Guardian, “genius” Metro). He was nominated for the 2011 Off West End Award for Best Male Performance, was joint 2012 North of England Winner of the Amused Moose New Act of the Year and a finalist for Golden Jester Award 2012. Hurrah!

“Will Seaward is streets ahead” The Stage

“I could watch him all day” Three Weeks

“innately funny...had me in fits of laughter” RemoteGoat

"perplexingly hilarious" Varsity

“absolutely brilliant” The Tab

“absolutely ridiculous” Piers Morgan


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