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Cabaret d'impro

Cabaret d'impro

The Cabaret d’Impro. For the 1st time in London! Improvisation Cabaret in French!

On the 29th of November, 12 improvisers will perform in French for you during an amazing evening of Improvisation.

The unknown themes will be given by the Ceremony Master or inspired by the audience. After 30 seconds of thought, the comedians will imagine crazy stories and create poetic characters! Attention, you might be laugh! A lot!

They will transport you to crazy worlds, sometimes poetics, sometimes funny and especially absurd!

"The Cabaret d’Impro" is a show of improvisation theatre where the audience is invited to participate by giving themes to the actors who will create a show like no other! Unique in London!

Running time 1h15 including one interval


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