Etcetera Theatre

Between Ten and Six

Between Ten and Six

Cuckoo Bang Productions Present

by Chris Mayo
Additional material by Owen Llewelyn

Directed by Garrett Millerick

Cast: Owen Llewelyn, Chris Mayo, Samantha Spurgin, Tama Phetean

"It’s just good to know who you’ve got living under your roof isn’t it?"

Two strangers, Charlie and Ed sit in a dusty flat in North London. Charlie
an anxiety ridden 20 something and Ed, his socially awkward live-in
Landlord. One needs a roof over his head the other just wants a friend. A
late running parcel, delayed girlfriend and stilted conversation build the
tension in the room. Just how much can the two tolerate before one of them

Between Ten and Six is a one act, dark comedy from actor and comedian,
Chris Mayo.
Twitter @cuckoobang

Note: Contains strong language and violent scenes.


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