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Blow Out!

Blow Out!

Blow Out!

Rules for a perfect party:
1. No gatecrashers
2. No family
3. No nudity
4. No secrets

Denise’s dream for a civilised gathering is smashed by an unwelcome
troublemaker, who merrily sets about making mischief. Will she regain
control of her party or will events blow up in her face?

’Blow Out!’ is a colourful coming of age comedy about a group of adults who are old enough to know better.

Fizz Bang! Productions creates vibrant and dynamic theatre, celebrating the richness, diversity and absurdity of modern life. We seek to engage fully with our audiences by exploring a variety of theatrical styles, while never forgetting that our ultimate aim is to entertain and amuse. Blow Out! is the second play we have produced by Kaye Conway, previously having toured the well-received adult comedy, ’The Perfect Party’ to various London venues, which ended a successful run as a highly recommended show at the Brighton Fringe.

Praise for ’The Perfect Party’:"A lively, energetic show with great comic writing and dead-on characterisations from all the actors." 4* - Fringe Review

BLOW OUT! runs for three weeks from Wed 14 Nov to Sat 1 December. There are no shows Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays


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