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Aleister Crowley - A Passion For Evil

Aleister Crowley - A Passion For Evil

Written and performed by John Burns

Aleister Crowley is one of the towering figures of the twentieth century yet much of his life remains shrouded in mystery.  After the death of his father he renounced his Christian faith and plunged into an uncompromising search for the truth.  He explored many religions and eventually found solace in Magick, his own interpretation of the religion of the ancient Egyptians.

Crowley was many things, poet, novelist, chess master, mountaineer and his studies of the occult took him deeper into the realms of darkness than any man has ever been.  His explorations of the workings of his own mind, his experimentation with drugs and his sexual excesses led the press to brand him “The Wickedest Man in the World.”

Persecuted by the press, with allegations of child sacrifice, satanic rituals and even treason, Crowley was forced to flee as the Daily Mail campaigned for his execution.  In this chilling one man play John Burns takes us on a disturbing journey as Crowley

re-lives the pivotal moments in his life.  His fortune gone he is compelled to earn a living touring as a theatrical magician.  The play finds Crowley is backstage struggling with his demons driven to despair as greatness slips from his grasp. 

Finally he faces a stark choice, will he live the rest of his life in obscurity or perform his last great ritual, summoning to the stage the Egyptian god Horus.  An unforgettable ritual but one that will cost him his life. 

“gripping and compelling, held together by a strong and well-played performance which summons – and then exorcises – the spirit of The Great Beast.” 

The Edinburgh Spotlight 

“Chilling Theatre.”




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