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The Lost Souls

The Lost Souls

From the people who brought you the 5 star ‘Fantastically simple yet terrifying scarefest’ that was Dark Tales, comes a brand new production The Lost Souls. Quint-Essential Theatre Company presents two one man horror shows in one night. The Lost Souls is darker and more twisted than anything Quint-Essential has produced before. Starring Sarah Tyler Shaw & Ian Breeds these two shows will have you hooked, on the edge of your seats with fear, terrified of what’s coming next.

Mannequin- A man imprisoned both physically and mentally by his horrifying past, is haunted by a mystery woman.  She tortures him, forcing him to relive the haunting moments of his life every waking day turning his world into one twisted re-occurring nightmare. But who is she? 

The Tea Party- A young woman invited all of her dearest friends to a special tea party. But what she considers to be special, most would call sinister and as events unfold the quaint little tea party becomes a disgustingly vicious world of horror.

 ‘(Quint –Essential) gave the audience exactly what they wanted to see- something dark, intriguing and ridiculously frightening!’ RemoteGoat (Dark Tales 2011)

 Directed by Ian Breeds & Sarah Tyler Shaw 

With lighting designed by Dan McGlone & Sound designed by Michael McGlone



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