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Sinderella 2: The Honeymoon

Sinderella 2: The Honeymoon

Sweet, beautiful and very dumb, poor Sinders has a problem; a year after her wedding she still hasn?t been on honeymoon, in fact the Prince seems to be more interested in looking at himself than his new bride! With the outrageous ugly sisters determined to steal him for themselves will Sinders ever find happiness?

Thankfully the Prince?s mum is on hand with a cunning plan. With the alcoholic fairy and sexually confused Buttons to help, what could possible go wrong? Join Sinders and the Gang as they pack their bags and all head off to sunny Spain for a wild and rude drunken dash for fun and fortune!

After last years production was praised by the critics as laughs throughout, this December why not treat yourself to a naughty bit more? With audience participation, sing-a-longs and risqué humour, prepare for a brand new big adult panto!

Please note that the Sunday performance will start at 6.30pm


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