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The Talullah Show- Infatuation

The Talullah Show- Infatuation

Talullah Windmill and Anthony Stephen Springall defy musical boundaries
and bring you songs spanning genres and eras to take you on a journey
through one woman’s first encounter with Love, from it’s first
introduction to haunting goodbye.
Talullah’s extraordinary talents for both singing and acting combined
with Anthony Stephen Springall’s magician-like piano, take you on an
emotional rollercoaster with passion and excitement at every turn. The
quality of storytelling and musicianship brought to you by these two
young performers is that of artists far beyond their years.
The Talullah Show presents a variety of music shows for theatres and
music venues worldwide. Talullah Windmill, the founder of The Talullah
Show designs and performs shows filled with passion and sensitivity,
with a strong narrative and uses music that people know and love in an
entirely new context. Infatuation sees Talullah join forces with
composer and musical director Anthony Stephen Springall who’s credits
include Survivor, A Fantasy of Dr Ox, After the Rain, Facebook: The
Musical, Young at War, His Dark Materials and Homophobia Project.
For more information about The Talullah Show, upcoming shows and
projects with Anthony Stephen Springall please visit

Please note that the sunday performance begins at 6.30pm


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