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Carnival of Crows

Carnival of Crows



 Join Poppy and step into the dark, Victorian underworld of carnival sideshows. In a fiendish fusion of puppetry, poetry, macabre cabaret and comedy, we meet The Laudanum Sisters, their twisted boss and head showman Edward B. Friday, and delve into his menagerie of misfits, amusements and oddities. Secrets are unearthed as Poppy’s charming, yet disturbing tales unfold, leading us on a spiraling journey of horror and suspense, in this remarkable one woman show where there are no happy endings.

 A Victorian thriller by Little Friday Theatre Co. Shortlisted for Les Enfants Terribles Award, 2012.

 “Molly Beth White’s theatre is a magical carnivalesque feast, darkly inventive and strangely nostalgic. Like a lady from a old silent Georges Melies film come to life as a contemporary female performer, you are spellbound and locked into her subversive dream world” 

 - Marisa Carnesky



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