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Sean Hughes Stands Up

Sean Hughes Stands Up

Sean Hughes Stands Up


Still with his trademark irreverent style, Sean is now more mature (closer to death), and has issues he wants to discuss (has anyone seen his keys?). Important questions will be asked; Does David Attenborough actually like animals? Is Sean’s hair a metaphor for the Syrian uprising? Religion, economics and race are all topics covered, along with his dodgy knee, his increasing absent-mindedness and his disappointment at discovering, since giving up drinking, he’s still a bit of an arsehole.


Catch him now before all his faculties go.


‘One of the best stand-ups of his generation’                                    Telegraph

???????????To see Sean Hughes in both the 7.30 and 9.15pm show double tickets can be brought at £11.50. Single tickets are £9.50 this only applies on 24th and 25th of July


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