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Mr Susan's Cheeky Flippin Nice

Mr Susan's Cheeky Flippin Nice

Mr Susan is an alien who has no idea about anything. He came to Earth "half past 10 year ago", trying to get a job in Woolworths. He failed and is stuck here now, but "Cheeky Flippin’ Nice" keeps him going. 
Mark Davison (BBC3’s "Feed My Funny", C4’s "The Doctor Brown Show") brings character stand-up that weaves a story, and a game show, into the comedy. 

"100% charming and totally hilarious.***** "
"Good timing, a strong sense of what makes people laugh and great commitment to a character. The enduring impression being that we are watching an accomplished professional. A very talented performer" -
"Best Free Act of the Edinburgh Fringe" - Stalking Elk Magazine


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