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A Number / F**kArt

A Number / F**kArt

A Number by Caryl Churchill. Directed by Andy Marchant 

Bernard Salter has learned a disturbing truth. He is not alone. A number of copies of him exist in the world and his own presence among them gives him pause. The only person he feels he can turn to is his father, but does he want comfort or answers. And what happens when another Bernard appears on the scene?

To put it bluntly, this is a play about cloning.

To put another spin on it, this is a play about identity.

With yet another spin, this play is about father/child dynamics.

The play itself, like the subject matter, is able to take on so many different identities.

The play debuted at the Royal Court Theatre in London on 23 September 2002 and starred Michael Gambon and Daniel Craig. 


F**kArt by Mark Brown and Andrew Mayne. Directed by Juliet Colbert

Sex sells and no one knows this better than Simon, cousin and silent partner in the business that is ‘Frank the Artist’. Though Simon and Eric, Frank’s brother, may not approve of Frank’s questionable approach to production, Simon knows that “people like filth” and that the art world and the general public are always ready to buy into that.

F**kArt is a provocative, dark satire on the state of the art world. The play explores the relationship between art and sex and in doing so, questions the morality of the society we live in.



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