Etcetera Theatre

A Halfway House

A Halfway House

Muzzle The Pig presents, A Halfway House, a unique performance that is one part comedy play, one part sketch show, with the sketches linking into the play’s story. Ron is at his lowest point in his life. He has suffered a string of tragic events over the last year and finds himself cooped up in his home, swigging back whiskey and picking skin flakes off his feet. Drunkenly, Ron chooses to advertise his home as a halfway house, a place where others can come join him in getting through their hardships. Three people turn up, a power-hungry ex-business woman; an innocent farmer who believes Walt Disney will be the second-coming and a squatter who’s secretly been hiding in Ron’s house. Ron now has a chance for salvation, if he can help these strangers as well as fight his own demons, but is there more to these three than meets the eye?

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday Night show will start at 6.00pm


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