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Othello and Much Ado About Nothing

Othello and Much Ado About Nothing

"This combined production is highly recommended ****" (Remotegoat)

So it Goes...Theatre Company presents a Shakespearean comedy and tragedy double-bill: OTHELLO unfurls a web of rejection, deceit and jealousy as Shakespeare’s most malign villain; Iago toys with characters and audience in equal measure. 

"Shakespeare knew there can be a profitable symbiosis between pub landlord and players in search of a stage. I’m sure he would have been impressed to see such a successful double bill, scarce more than two hours traffic the pair" (The Public Reviews)

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is a comedy of four lovers who overcome dark seeds of jealously and manipulation to end up happily in each others arms beneath a Sicilian sunset. These innovative, abridged productions together unearth the darkness in light and the light in the darkness; celebrating the power and majesty of Shakespeare. Not to be missed!

"Admirable clarity of text and a realistic staging which went straight to the heart and the soul of the drama" (The Public Reviews)

For more information about So It Goes please visit their website

These two shows can be sold as a double bill starting at 7.30pm with a 20 min interval at £12 (Under 18’s £10)

Or as separate shows at £10 (Under 18’s £8.00)

See here for So It Goes Theatre trailer

Please Note these shows do not perform on Mondays, and the Sunday show starts at 6.30pm 


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