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Giacinto Palmieri: Pagliaccio

Giacinto Palmieri: Pagliaccio

Italian comedian Giacinto Palmieri went to Edinburgh, felt the pains of unrequited love but had to go on stage and make people laugh. Yes, you guessed it: just like in the opera “Pagliacci”!

In his third solo show, Palmieri uses the plot of the famous Italian opera to explore whether we are tragic heroes or laughable clowns.

WARNING: The show contains no clowning, no singing and only mild opera references. Jokes on Berlusconi and the Mafia are available on request.

“Giacinto has charm as Tuscany has wine" Scotsman

"Giacinto has an ear and an eye for what is funny" Chortle

"Witty, urbane but with an agreeable touch of gormlessness - hilarious" Arthur Smith


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